Wonder if I should start a pool or something?

Even after taking a few years off from looking for the right person, I still encounter and remember why it seemed so futile; cause it really appears to be at times lol.. Maybe if I set aside a dollar a day or start a pool with X day being the day I meet that person my luck my increase. Personally I still think the chances of being struck by lightning or winning the lottery are much higher. Let's say, 6.5 billion people on the planet. Half that. 3.25 billion are women. Take off a percentage that aren't interested in men, take off the married ones, take off the ones already seeing someone, ones too young, ones too old (I say within 5 years younger or older than myself), and you're looking at..we'll say 1.5-2 billion give or take. Take a fraction of that, for those that are interested in bhm and you'll find the the available pool that I might have a chance with. (and by chance I mean something meaningful, if it was just a fling or something i'd be looking at craigslist). I totally don't believe in the "there is someone for everyone" concept. I think some of us find a good match and some of us get lucky and find the perfect one that fits in every way possible. It's all one big dice roll and lemme tell ya, I for one get bored with rolling snake eyes every throw.

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Charles replied to David's discussion What's Sushi like?
"Ha, was just trying to be a smartass.  The best advice I can give would be try a few items at a local place and see how you like it. Also be aware that (since I'm a joykill like that) unless advertised, the fish you get from a sushi place…"
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Maximilian replied to David's discussion What's Sushi like?
"well i do it always like following:i prepare every single roll ,before i start eating, with a little bit wasabi and the ginger, then i start eating."
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David replied to David's discussion What's Sushi like?
"I'm very curious about the wasabi, if it's only a hint of it that you try it, or is it something that you mixed wasabi with to give certain food that extra taste."
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