Ok... My ex has come back into the picture, and another guy that I've conversed with and kinda am fond of as well... he's always there for me. And a much older gentleman is very much interested in me as well. And yeah, I like him too. His age used to bother me but I'm becoming more comfortable with it because I always seem to miss him.

So I kinda don't know what to do... My friend and I will I guess just be friends... My ex?... Well... I kinda have moved on cuz we haven't talked in forever. But I kinda don't wanna give up on him cuz i can and would show him so much love that he needs and does deserve. But I gave him a chance and... Yeah, things happened but... That's just it... things happened and they happened for a reason. So I've moved on and I may or may not get a out good friend out of it...

The other guy lives way away but has offered to bring me over to him and stay and travel here and there. Money is no matter to me. u can always make it so I don't care. It's the fact that he's Giving and Doing something to/for me that has me swooning. Especially since I have not committed to him nor have i done anything for him.

just sort of thinking out loud on this blog. Puts things in perspective when u write/type it out. lol I'm going to pick the obvious answer I guess... lol Still have to talk about it tho. :P

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Comment by Fiordaliza on December 31, 2008 at 7:54am
I agree with michelle was the hurry I say take your time and get it right dont end up like me married to a maniac and then feelign all like a prisoner of love, I really wish i would of took my time because now im stuck and he wont give me a divorce though he know that im inlove with someone else. Anyways you deserve the best so just ask god to lead you to the right man and he will, you may only have this one chance at love and you dont want to confuse it with lust i learned the hard way, and is not about needs is about what you want ourt of life and who can make it with you thru thick and thin... goodluck and have a blessed new year
Comment by Saiyuri Inuzuka on December 18, 2008 at 1:08pm


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