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Well im new to this site and thought id meet some new people in my area (and all around the world) so feel free to comment where u reppin` :)

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Aww love

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Last weight loss update

Alright all welcome to my last weight loss guys have seen me talk about my weight. you have seen me talk about my workout type. you have seen me discuss my dreams and aspirations. you have seen me talk about my smaller jean size. you have seen me talk about my talent in writing. but now over the next few days i will be off line. i just wanted to say thank you everyone. thank you for reading about my journey. thank you for your support.  thank you for the well wishes. you guys…


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Gluten free stuffing ?????

With thanksgiving being next thruraday my favorite dish has always been..... My moms stuffing...literally the best stuffing on the planet with the sausage...and the onion...and the cellary... And the Apple.... Just plain amazing...but earlier this year they found a gluten sensitivity in my blood stream. My question is is there such a thing as gluten free stuffing? I'm sure with some revisions to the recipie it could be gluten free but I was just curious on this...

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Wanderlust the strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world

What make you start this desire, impulse or whatever you want to called to travel and know different cultures, places and  people . For me was my father,when i was younger i had move to a differents countrys every two years due my father works. when i came back to my hometown, it was ok for me but the desire to travel and know what is beyond  the borders of my country was to much, once i finished my studies and owning a bussines so i could had an income and i start traveling and living in…


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another weight loss update

hello my friends. so this week was the first time that i had busted out with christmas music unrelated to " o holy night" ( a song i play all year long) for my walks. it's lovely to walk with such inspiring music. but also i've been going out with a friend a lot more this week...add on those calories and you have a VERY bad week. But the good thing about life is that while you may have had a bad week one week the next week you can defiantly find ways to improve yourself. by setting goals. by…


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bbw india

x240-JI3.jpgneed to be freinds to bbw and ssbbw females in india 

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This is how I often feel on Chatzone

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Skating with grizzlies

One of my friends Heather told me that while I am on this trip into winter wonderland for a much needed vacation away from my home state of Louisiana that I need to go ice skating. Most who know me are already laughing at this idea because the idea of me ice skating would be me sprawled on my ass on a frozen lake. I would probably manage to kill myself in my attempt because I am that kind of clumsy. How…


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Hello! Please Help Me To Win Vote For A Contest.

Help Me To "Represent Street" With A LIKE And A SHARE On This Picture After clicking On The Link.…


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diet motives

Okay y'all have heard me go on and on and on I'm these weight loss updates about how much weight I've lost and how I've done it with diet and exercise. One thing you haven't heard though is what motivated me to keep going? What kept me going even after the bad days where I consumed more calories than I was supposed to? Even though I'm without gluten that's still possible. Anyway one thing that kept me going was that I knew I've always wanted to be a father. Watch my kids being born. Watch them… Continue

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Creeps, Pervs, and whoever feels like I'm talking to them

Every now and then one has strange, weird thoughts.

It has nothing to do with insanity. More with sanity, actually.

I find myself wondering how other people feel, how they see things.

Not the people that are kind, polite and speak like they speak to equals.

I mean the people that talk like they are something more, the ones who talk trash to one BBW in chat and in private chat ask for nudes, contact info and cup sizes.

Not because I want to be like them, or…


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What makes you happy?

What is the definition of happiness? Now that I'm close to obtaining the goals I've set for myself, I have began to question what's next? Do I allow myself to be satisfied with what I've accomplished or do I set a new set of goals...Do you ever stop setting goals for yourself? Should I be satisfied with blessings I've been afforded? I've been so focused on completing my goals that I've lost track of what truly makes me happy. Is it being a mother and provider? Is it loving a man who loves me… Continue

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Back on the road again, I'd say

Back in the 80's, a band named REO Speedwagon had a song named "Back on the Road again". This fact has nothing to do with me, although I find the song amusing.

I have left BBWchatzone. After being a member of this site for over 2 years, I left this site a couple of months ago. Maybe 4, maybe 5, but who really cares for a number, right?

I am back though. I might have a new identity now, but that's only temporary. I have been away for too long and I have missed…


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From" All Fat" to " New Styling plat" ( plat isn't a word...i was just trying to think of something creative lol)

Soooooo I'd hate to bother your busy Fridays but i have some FANTASTIC NEWS my friends...3 months ago my diet was a complete and utter TRAINWRECK!!!!!! when i ate out ( often) i would eat at 5 guys or in n out and get their DELICIOUS BUT FATTENING double cheeseburgers with fries....eating THEM ALL and TAKING DOWN EVERYTHING!!!!!! High Calorie....low activity....poor self esteem.....TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! I'm 4'11 and weighed in at 159 lbs. All my life i've always been the " chubby hobbit"... I…


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Okay I'm a writer by hobby. I've said it before and I have an emotion I wanna get out of my here it goes


I'm feeling much better and we've gonr our separate ways

Meeting better people forgetting the hurt you've caused back in those days

Losing weight staying in shape doing things I enjoy

Suddenly after months of not hearing from the cancer of my life my cell phones jumping it's who to annoy

YOU AGAIN???? With your controlling personality… Continue

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Weight loss update tell me ive lost track

When i was a little boy there was this cartoon on tv called HeMan. Human was this barbarian muscle bound sword wielding dude who stood for what was right. There were also the GI Joes. Anyway i remember collecting these action figures when i was small because of how heroic they were and what they stood for. As i got a little older it became the Ninja Turtles...for some reason i would always lose the weapons. i think i was the only person who collected these action figures that lost the…


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UK Kik names

Hi all,
Struggling to find many uk ladies...
Please add me on kik when you see this


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Benefits Of Going Gluten Free


If MEDICALLY you are safe to eat gluten and have NOT been found to be having a gluten allergy DO NOT GO GLUTEN FREE! this is MORE THAN JUST A FADDY TYPE DIET!!!!!!! this is for those who medically NEED to go on a gluten free diet. This is for those of us who medically cannot digest gluten. Anyway, i've been living gluten free for about 2 months. some of the benefits that i've noticed are that i am losing weight easier...then again i also am DECREASING THE AMOUNT OF CALORIES…


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"The Journey'

As we go through countless endeavors to find the right individual, we encounter stops along this tour of the heart. Not taken into account how many hearts we've passed along the way, some were great and some iffy. Then on the journey to completeness there are the maybes, but what if , how to tells and so forth. Sounds like a chess game, or enigma strategy? Well on the journey to enlightenment in discovering love and not the tainted, confused, disconbobulated, mixedup disturbed, too…


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