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precious moments

Maybe it’s luck

Maybe it’s blessings

Maybe it’s predestination

Maybe it’s hard work and tears

We’ll probably never know

What we do know is the beauty in a moment

Maybe it’s you

Maybe it’s me

Maybe it’s GOD

Maybe it’s our hearts

And the strength in our character

We’ll probably never know

What we do know is the beauty in a moment

That precious moment when our dreams come true

That precious pivotal moment which swings us towards… Continue

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Ever ingested red food coloring? Congrats, you were really just eating ground up bugs

"Origins:   Next time you're browsing the supermarket in search of the makings of that night's dinner, pause a moment to read the ingredients labels of your favorite red-colored ingestibles and cosmetics. Chances are, you'll discover a notation for cochineal, carmine, or carminic acid,…


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Short story for class

"I'll be right back!" I scream as i exit the door, my mom pretends to care when I go out, it's a game to her pretending to be a mother. I check myself in the mirror and see that my blue and gray wig is slightly off on the left so I adjust it and start the car. Buzz.. Buzz... A text message from, I grin as I read that you you're finally here, it was about time. I back the car up down the driveway and pull up next to your blue car, on your phone like always, I wait for you to spot me so that we… Continue

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my imagination

Because of my imagination my eyes are sleepless from unanswered questions You make my body curious I don't know if I'm just lonely you simultaneously incite my captivation and my confusion since you give me no answers my imagination make answers for me

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To CHEAT or not to CHEAT!

To cheat or not to cheat!

I've recently considered cheating on my boyfriend. We have been together 3 years and we have had many ups and downs but what relationship hasn't? I've become bored with our relationship. Everything has become routine! I know what's going to happen even before we go on a date. I can't take it. But am I just being a spoilsport because there is no drama??? I don't know what I could do to make this feeling go away! I don't want to leave because he is a good guy and… Continue

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two of us

Soft music fills the candlelit room,

Just the two of us, with all our love to share.

You kiss my lips and tenderly caress me.

Keep telling me how much you care.

Your hands are caressing my breasts,

The sensation I feel is so thrilling.

Everytime you make love to me,

It gets more and more fulfilling.

Now I'm enjoying your warm wet kisses.

They are awakening my passionate senses.

When you whisper sweet love words in my ear,

The… Continue

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not perfect

You’re not perfect before you start to date someone, you’re not going to find the “perfect” mate and you won’t be perfect in the years following; but if the person standing in front of you is amazing and makes you excited to tackle each day, don’t let them slip through your fingers

Sometimes, when I lie awake at night, I wonder whether I’ve lived at all. Is it the same for everybody? Do some people have a greater talent for living than others or do some people never live, but just exist..I… Continue

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To Give and Not Receive

I give you all that a man can ask for. Love, attention, compassion, friendship, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a daily ego boost, i pamper you, massage you when you are tired and never say anything even when you are wrong. Why do people say it's about giving and not receiving? Is it suppose to make me feel better that I am trying so hard in this so called relationship and I am not getting anything back in return? I feel we should be giving 50% each but the way things are now we are…


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Uk girls kik names

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"Chasing Ghosts'

Now not stating that everyone has deep rooted secrets that attain talltails like Aesops Fables. But some do .You know the ones that just nearly everything flying out as if some projectile hurdling your way. Well by now you perhaps get the gist. If not allow me to enlighten you. The significant other that has more bones than some animals care to bury.(This does apply to both male and female). Some ghosts just don't, refuse to or hover around nearly the times when you least expect. I am…


Added by Cranston Peterson on May 6, 2015 at 10:36am — 4 Comments!!!

My daughter loves to lie to me by telling me the truth:

Me: What are you doing

Her: Nothing

Me: What were you doing over there

Her: I said nothing

Me: Well that obviously isn't true

Her: Well I wasn't doing anything, I wasn't looking at mommy's makeup and touching them.

Me: -_-

Lol....i love her!

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Leon Larregui - Souvenir

y así fue que me olvide de mi 

tratando de hacerte feliz 

y en el intento me perdí 

y me dio miedo la distancia 

en no ser bueno para ti 

y a un precipicio me tire 

oh.. no existe el amor 

no existe el amor 


oh.. cuando le…


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An awkward encounter of the common kind.

Online friendships are a very odd thing.

You meet someone and have a wonderful conversation. These conversations could go on for a few hours or for a few days. If you are lucky, they will even go on for a few weeks.

But what do you do when they stop?

It's not as if you can just send a text that says, "Hey buddy, let's hang out".

You have 3 options:

"Hey, what's up?" -And hope they respond with more than, "Not much, you?"



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Why fat girls should never show their skin...

It isn't what you think.

Please read it.

It's beautiful

Added by Glo. on April 29, 2015 at 2:52am — 8 Comments

Safety Nets and such

In my day to day life I work hard. I manage over 50 employees and see countless guests. Then, I come home late to unwind by talking to friends that I have made here.

In my "real life" I feel as if I am constantly the safety net. I'm the catch all in every aspect of day to day life. If someone doesn't show up for work- I fix it; If someone needs something, I am there to help. Etc. Now, I understand this is my job and that I get paid to excel a certain level of excellence. So I…


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Bunch of dum dum's.

So worth the laughs to watch.

They are all stupid. HAHAHAH.

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Who-di Who part Deux

Top 5 people from here that you want to meet in real life.

Is anyone brave enough?!

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun

Added by Glo. on April 6, 2015 at 1:10am — 10 Comments

Who-di who

So I haven't seen one of these in a while and thought I'd bring it back.

Top 5 people you want to meet in real life and why.

Annnnnd. Go.

Added by Glo. on April 5, 2015 at 11:14pm — 3 Comments

Where have all the good guys gone?

I have about lost fate in men in general any more,,and it makes me sad.. especially being a BBW in this world..especially where I live,,Its hard to find someone to have actual talking about life,what we love..hate...vices,,,loves...just getting to know them is almost a lost cause..I try talking or chatting and all i get is "hi how are you?..want to cam..or talk sexy..etc" omg ITS SOO DAMN ANNOYING!! I…


Added by April Zimmer on April 2, 2015 at 8:48am — 14 Comments

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