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cincinnati/nky! body massage!

Long day at work or at home cooking & cleaning with no days off let me work magic an make all the stress an pain all disappear with your choice of champagne!

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Just because.

I really need a hug or some sort of cuddle right now.

Just because. 



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just writing

I think that People are who they are and it is always better to simply see if who they are fits in with who you are rather than to try to "force" the issue to make yourselves fit with each other. I respect women of all ages, what’s more important is their true nature through their actions, not mere words. it depends on the types of character each individual possesses, not age...when were are making love.. Experience tells me that there is a person attached to it. Feelings.… Continue

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Letting go or holding on.

I thought a long time on this before I decided to post. I need to get this out for my sanity. I had a very painful break up recently. We had a very close bond of honesty and openness that I have not had before in a relationship in my lifetime. I smiled and felt more content than I ever have before during the months we were together. The chemistry was overwhelming and that is a rare thing to find. It was loving, passionate and…


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Being Bisexual

I came to this site last December with an open mind. I was looking for new friends. I am an admirer of women of all sizes I think curvy women are just gorgeous. I have only dated bigger women before. I came here open and honest and tried to get along with almost everyone male or female. I tried to remain friendly.

I am a bisexual man. I…


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So im trying to get rid on some blemishes i have on my cheek ... anyone recommend anything ? 

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Just wanted to say hey to everyone thats still around.  Miss some of yall.

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New beginnings and my boy.

Well I want you to notice

To notice when I'm not around

I notice your eyes see straight through me…


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Fixing The Problem??

From my blog page

I saw this meme several days ago.  It was posted by a guy who I’m guessing has encountered a degree of fat bias at his gym, and wrote a blog about it.

I think it’s great, and his reaction should be to confront those who are giving him grief when all he’s trying to do is improve his…


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Just in case you forgot

I am a PERSON...NOT a fetish.

If you are private messaging me as a solution to your lust problem, kindly fuck right off. I want nothing to do with your self-centered ass.

I am NOT solely existing so you can receive some satisfaction for your disgusting and pathetic hard on. 


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Feeling meaningless

If you are feeling meaningless the cause is always the same – you are not living the life you truly intend at this moment and may have come to a conclusion that it’s not possible to have that life. If you had a hope that your life is moving towards your intended expression/experience, you would not feel meaningless – it’s when you lose all hope that meaninglessness sets in. We try to suppress this feeling of meaninglessness through…


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Something I wrote about someone I thought I knew.

I want to fall asleep and wake up in your arms. Breath your scent in. Kiss you passionately. Taste you. Feel you. See you. I long for you.

Look into your eyes, see into your soul, you see into mine. You won't have to look hard, you'll quickly see a familiar face.


I carry you with me.

I couldn't shake this even if I wanted to, let alone because I have to.


 My heart- it's yours. All of me- is yours.


All I do is run and run, hoping…


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2 Steps forward and 5 Steps back.

I am an idiot.

I live in my head; In an idealistic world where we all see each other for who we are and where love reigns supreme.

Yet when I open my eyes all I see is a world full of people who resemble tarnished and forgotten old clocks. Clocks that have stopped working because the monotony has broken them.

I had it in my head that I was a clock maker. I assumed that because I try to polish and repair one broken clock after another that I am making a difference but you…


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How To Add Life To Years instead of Years To Life!!!

i was thinking the other day about this as i was playing a Video Game and its been bothing me ever since, i see a lot of tv shows about skin care, weight loss, Eating Healthy, cutting out junk food, quiting smoking and all that stuff, they figured out in that respect how ot add YEARS TO LIFE, obviouslly by cutting out basically everything we Like, lol wich is bad for us, but has anyone ever really Figured out how to add LIFE TO YEARS?

i Belive i Have, Heres my…


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It seems like my relationship is ending.

Never again will I be dating a guy the same age as I am...if I date a little bit older, then chances are, I'd find somebody who knows who they are and what they want.

I need stability. I know who I am and what I want and need. It's not too much to ask that whoever I date knows themselves, too.

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Dear Stress.... :)

Dear Stress,

Let’s brake up. Lately I feel like there is something missing in our relationship. It just feels like it’s all about You. I need some “Me”-time. We’ve had an amazing couple of years together and I will (unfortunately) never forget…


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Have You ever had the chance to communicate/converse with a person with an Asperger syndrome/disorder? It might sound ignorant but I haven't had that chance up until recently. I was out with…


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R.I.P. Rebecca

My 25 year old friend, Rebecca, unfortunately died in a bad car wreck in October. I am going to give this to her beautiful parents. I made this to try and capture her beauty. She was so full of life and joy. This is my tribute to my great friend. Rebecca, I miss you. God bless…


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Instagram :)

So any body on here have a Instagram?
I would love to follow some of my fellow bbw's and bbw lovers :D
Plus I'd be grateful if you all followed me too <3


Thanks!! :D

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