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"The Journey'

As we go through countless endeavors to find the right individual, we encounter stops along this tour of the heart. Not taken into account how many hearts we've passed along the way, some were great and some iffy. Then on the journey to completeness there are the maybes, but what if , how to tells and so forth. Sounds like a chess game, or enigma strategy? Well on the journey to enlightenment in discovering love and not the tainted, confused, disconbobulated, mixedup disturbed, too…


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I love my girlfriend big or small so it doesn't matter to me. But I did learn something new. When your girlfriend is complaining about her weight gain specifically her middle which is growing. 

The correct answer always is:  "What weight gain? I don't even see it. you're gorgeous!"…


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Weight loss update

Alright it's been a few days since I last updated you guys but here we go. After a terrible nights sleep ( my family got pizza last night and watched the WS Game.....GO GIANTS .....and I mistakenly thought eating a few pieces of crust would be safe).... NOT SO!!!!!!! Anyway I started my day at 145.8 lbs. my breakfast was a strawberry Greek yogurt.... Planning a walk in a bit......anyone losing weight with me? If so what's your weight goal? Why are you losing the weight? How are you planning to… Continue

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RIP little brother

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weight loss update

Hello there readers; friends, supporters, individuals who just happened to stumble upon this blog for no reason other than the fact its on the side bar under " recent activity " among other reasons you've taken time out of your busy Fridays to read this blog. Happy FRIDAY and remember next Friday is All Souls Day ( Halloween). Anyway my weight loss is going well. I stepped on the scale yesterday ( my weekly weigh in) and weighed 144.9 lbs. I've officially lost about 12 lbs in a little under 2… Continue

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I've had enough!

Dog for sale. His legal name is Norman but he'll answer to "you asshole", "piece of crap", "bleepin' bleeper", and his little tail gets to wagging when you call him a "no good, sonuvabitch" (in a loving tone of course). Great for families with older furniture since his favorite thing to do is chew up table legs and couch cushions. He craps and pisses outside, so no worries there unless it's on a neighbor. He'll…


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Hi, everyone

My first post, Google

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Okay I've been positive with my blog posts and discussions. I've only talked about my weight loss and other positive things in my writings. Now something has been brought to my attention. Recently I've been noticing that a certain individual has gone out of their way to insult me and others...nick naming me " retard" and " sling blade" and referring to me as being " stupid" ... For those of you who don't know yes I have disabilities. Now for the real question. Why must individuals put others… Continue

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My Bad

If I ignored your friend request, my bad.

I'm just finding out now that you can't message people without being their friend. =/

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Are you Alive but dead inside?

Have you ever asked yourself, or looked in the mirror or been doing something, and thought why am I doing this while doing it, like partying all night knowing you need to go to sleep for work or having sex till the point you just about past out with someone that you don't know or am not in any relationship, not even married too at that,  but said it was okay, do think you are alive or killing a piece of yourself in the process? I'm not judging anyone, just asking. feel free to answer back or…


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weight loss update

If you are following my weight loss journey and my updates I have two words for you. Thank you. For those of you who have congragulated me personally in chat I say thank you. For those of you who have even listened patiently to my ramblings about being gluten free without a mean comment on your lips I still say thank you. Okay on to the update . good news guys. I only need to lose 1.3 more lbs by Thanksgiving and keep it off to meet my first major goal of 144 lbs. I'm hoping to drop to 135 lbs… Continue

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Just moved to Murfreesboro TN

Well the divorce is done and I am out of Ohio and now in Murfreesboro TN looking for new friends.

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burger fiend

Ever since I could remember I've always been a HUGE fan of a good burger...when I was a kid that meant going to McDonalds. As I got older it became red Robin. Many of you know that because of health issues over the last few years I had to change my diet up quite a bit. My first thought was....goodbye the food I love.... Then I started noticing more and more that lettuce can be used as a substitute for bread ( I'm gluten intollarant). And suddenly my love for the hamburger was resurrected. Props… Continue

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God Collects What’s His

God Collects What’s His(PST CHRIS)

“And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s: it is holy unto the Lord” (Leviticus 27:30).

I once read about a pastor who was asked how many members he had, and he answered, One hundred and fifty. He was asked again, How many of them are tithers? One hundred and fifty of them! he answered.The man asking him was surprised, You mean you have one hundred and fifty members and all of…


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A very flawed society, lets break this

So I couldn't help myself from replying spitefully, but I had a conversation with someone who thought themselves polite to remark " I should lose weight and that  I had a pretty face, if you lost weight you could be a model"... And of course, this person didn't understand any harm in saying this bluntly to me, and after my delayed response, didn't think there would be any repercussion. I tried to then explain that I understood they meant no harm, but it was disrespectful to tell someone that…


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So i've been thinking lately about how much i hate clothes shopping. even when i lose the weight and my family already agreed to buy me a whole new wardrobe when i lose the weight ( 3 lbs away and i have until thanksgiving to lose it) ill still hate clothes shopping. why? Because of my body shape ( short and now slimming) i can NEVER seem to find anything that fits JUST RIGHT. So, I've given thought about my own clothing's for people who are under 5'0 and they can feel good about…


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weight loss update

Hello there friendarinos.... So as many of you know I've been on a lifestyle change since the first of September. A few weeks before I tested positive for having a gluten allergy... I was very sick for years and couldn't understand why. After my family and I decided to cut gluten out of my diet I began getting better. My body is now completely adjusted to not eating gluten. My weight? I've officially been down 11 lbs this morning. My family is very proud. I feel so much better. I have no secret… Continue

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moments of clearity

Everyday a new day to do better, to be better, jump over hurdles , take sharp corners and live life. Dont sweat the bad times they will pass discover the happiness when truly being yourself and being the person you want to be. Believe that tomorrow is a better day Cause you make it that way. Good days dont just happen they are made.

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help find zack

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