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Z Fighters Is Great, Isn’t It?

Z Fighters will debut that game limited "Naruto ga Hokage national insurance Natta Hi" (The Morning Naruto Turned that Hokage) which Kishimoto individually drew.

Hasbro is actually dealing with plaything profits but will relieve the initial line of gadgets within The united states up coming early spring, by using additional market segments to follow because of the conclude in the 12 months.

Funimation executive vice leader in addition to chief functioning official Simon…


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Love one another...

I was not going to say much Facebook page is full of division though. I will state what I believe to be true though, everything on earth has been ordained by God, the good and the bad, the leaders and the oppressed, the glory and the destruction. I will not get into a debate or discussion as to why God allows things to happen, it is part of the mystery of God's plan. I will say this though, it is not my job as a Christian to judge or condemn, it is my job to be faithful…


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Robert E. Klemm, my father

Hi Everyone;

I am the 1st child of Robert and Janice Klemm. There are 4 others that came after me...I have 4 siblings. This blog is about Robert Edwin Klemm, my father. Dad was born on October 29, 1922 and he came into the world in Oakland, CA. The 1st boy of 10 kids, he started his military stint in Ukiah, CA. He then went over to England and then Germany as a Dietitian in the 58th Field Hospital that was following Patton's Army. This Oct. he will be 93 years old. Currently, as of…


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Someone buy me this cup, I must have

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To my friend: No offense but....

 So,  I'm trying to get my health on track.  Eating better, getting my activity level up.  Trying to do the right thing you know???  And I get push back from a male "friend" from here to the tune of

"Oh I love BBWs!!!"  

(That's wonderful for you.  You're definitely in the right place)

"Why are you going to the gym?  You look great!" 

(I'm going because I don't FEEL great, and I'm trying to feel better.)

and my…


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Backwards Funny for the Day

Funny for the Day 

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Funny for the day...TACOS

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The Longest Day

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Funny for the day...

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Meet the man who steals your Instagram photos and sells them for $90,000

Thought this was both interesting, and scary, as hell.  Had to share.

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have you ever go out with a rich dude?

How was you first date?

do you have any awkward situation?

my story well I was surprised looking at all the spoons forks knife on the table

I didnt know which to use. I wasted 5 min trying to figure out which to use without embarrassing myself. Then gave up by asking him what should I do and which to use?

I work at a resort and not knowing about the cutlery is pretty stupid.

Then I used…


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#confession #attentionwhore

Why am I on this site? Attention! Yep, I like to be admired and appreciated from afar. However I've noticed a flaw in my "plan." Only asking for attention can only take you so far. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of men who are willing to admire my face and body but where does that leave me? Admiration is an empty excuse for the longing for sincere, lasting relationships. I'm only left with questions like why? What's the point? Personally, I'm losing interests in admirers.....with that… Continue

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Online "insta-love"

What... in THE up...with all this pet name calling and "affection" that people show when they've only seen 1 hour of text from you??

I tell them my messenger ID, they send me a message...30 minutes later they have given me 10 pet names, blown 6 kisses at me, asked for a picture...then hinted at wanting several more...regardless of the fact that I've only seen one of them. They gush about how wonderful I am and how if they were here...they'd treat me "right". They talk… Continue

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F*ck! Don't mess with my food!

So it's confession time! I'm 27 years old, I live with my parents, and I've recently graduated with BA. To say that I'm ungrateful would be misleading, but living with parents has caused me to become depressed. Why not move out? Well, the issue is my daughter. I chose to stay with my parents because I wanted my daughter to be raised in a stable environment. I have been working and going to school for the past 4 years and I've finally accomplished one of my goals but at what cost? My sanity? I… Continue

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I tryed to translate this poem from spanish to english...

It's called "Ballad of absence" from the chilean author Julio Munizaga Ossandon

"I evoke you in the throes of the serene afternoon,

I feel you in the soft sweetness of…


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precious moments

Maybe it’s luck

Maybe it’s blessings

Maybe it’s predestination

Maybe it’s hard work and tears

We’ll probably never know

What we do know is the beauty in a moment

Maybe it’s you

Maybe it’s me

Maybe it’s GOD

Maybe it’s our hearts

And the strength in our character

We’ll probably never know

What we do know is the beauty in a moment

That precious moment when our dreams come true

That precious pivotal moment which swings us towards… Continue

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Ever ingested red food coloring? Congrats, you were really just eating ground up bugs

"Origins:   Next time you're browsing the supermarket in search of the makings of that night's dinner, pause a moment to read the ingredients labels of your favorite red-colored ingestibles and cosmetics. Chances are, you'll discover a notation for cochineal, carmine, or carminic acid,…


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my imagination

Because of my imagination my eyes are sleepless from unanswered questions You make my body curious I don't know if I'm just lonely you simultaneously incite my captivation and my confusion since you give me no answers my imagination make answers for me

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To CHEAT or not to CHEAT!

To cheat or not to cheat!

I've recently considered cheating on my boyfriend. We have been together 3 years and we have had many ups and downs but what relationship hasn't? I've become bored with our relationship. Everything has become routine! I know what's going to happen even before we go on a date. I can't take it. But am I just being a spoilsport because there is no drama??? I don't know what I could do to make this feeling go away! I don't want to leave because he is a good guy and… Continue

Added by Ruth on May 19, 2015 at 7:42pm — 19 Comments

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