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This is my Coup D'etat!

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Caucasian (white)
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About Me
"And shepards we shall be for thee, my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee and teeming with souls shall it ever be. Nomeni Patri Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancti."(Boondock Saints Prayer)

I am extremely shy and do not like being in large crowds. But I do like to be social, I enjoy spending time at home or going out with people I have known or awhile. I am counter culture; seattle. I am poly and I will always be. I adore animals of all kinds and have two adorable furbabies of my own Artemis and Simba who alwayss distract me with their cuteness. *purrrmeow* =^.^=

Life sucked for a really long time but now Life couldnt be better ok no I am not one of those "oh everything is grand all the time 24/7 and nothing bad ever happens humans", infact im not human. No really Im serious, so you can stop staring at me like that now...okay! Im actually a hobbit...or possibly an alien...maybe im both. I lived in Roswell, New Mexico when I was a child so you never know, my body could of been taken over by body snatchers.

I am short, was blessed with extreme cuteness, and either living on the wrong planet or in the wrong era. Im not on here looking to capture a boy, I dont need the internet/okcupid robot(secretly i think this a government conspiracy and sooner or later the men in the white coats are going to come and take me away) *skips around the room for a minute humming "They're coming to take me away, HAHA!"-see i told you I get distracted easily. Anyway, yeah dont need help in getting sex...Glitter!

I drink but very little. I'm picky on my alcohol, the only beer I like is Lambic. I cant drink straight shots without a chaser. I prefer fruity cocktail like drinks. Midori Sours, Red Deaths, Cherry Bombers, and Jagerbombers are a few of my favorites. I also like to game(video-SKYRIM!, Fable, Final Fantasy X, Legend of Dragoon-Board-Monoply, Life, Scattergories-RPGS-RIFTS, D&D, Transformers, James Bond, Vampire The Masquerade

I am a fan of the actor Ian Somerhalder, who I never really thought to much about until I saw him in The Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore, the shows are great but the books are better. For me to have a favorite celebrity I learn as much as I can about the real them and find out what kind of person they are. They have to inspire and move me. For example: Ian Somerhalder created The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, The IS Foundation aims to empower, educate, and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures. I support this 100% I love people with good hearts and he clearly has one. Another person I love is Michael Jackson, I am very sensitive to the history of this man so if you want to talk about it then expect facts. There another select few that have been added but I will save that for a later time if you are at all curious.

Even though I am certain I do not have it in my bloodline I guess in some ways I have a gypsy heart. I do not like to stay in one place for to long I would much rather travel.

"the human animal is a beautiful and terrible creature, capable of limitless compassion and unfathomable cruelty. if you wish to find that which becomes the dividing line between mankind and other biological classifications, it rests not in brain size, dominance, or even emotional capability, but lies in the unique capacity for human beings to reflect on their actions and show regret, what is most certainly the ability to empathize, that gives them their position. all animals understand love and affection, but only man shows the propensity to place himself into the shoes of another life form. losing this capability, among individuals of this species, reduces them below their much heralded position, and readies the climate for the likely fall of man, the fall from grace"-The Cruxshadows: Sophia
Favorite Music
[[K-Pop]], [[Super Junior]], [[Big Bang]], [[G-Dragon]], [[Marilyn Manson]], [[Toby Keith]], [[Bush]], [[Nightwish]], [[Black Eyed Peas]], [[Disturbed]], [[Within Temptation]], [[Fiona Apple]], [[Alanis Morssette]], [[Alan Jackson]], [[Sister Hazel]], [[Greenday]], [[The Andrews Sisters]], [[Shaggy]], [[Sarah McLachlan]], [[Jace Everett]], [[Heart]], [[Kidneythieves]], [[Carrie Underwood]], [[MIKA]], [[The Cure]], [[The Dresden Dolls]], [[Creed]], [[Blutengel]], [[Nine Inch Nails]], [[Flogging Molly]], [[All American Rejects]], [[Rob Zombie]], [[Uncle Kracker]], [[Ali Azam]], [[Metallica]](old), [[Enya]], [[Bryan Adams]], [[Alice Cooper]], [[Lifehouse]], [[Nickelback]], [[Madonna]], [[Paula Cole]], [[Melissa Etheridge]], [[Aerosmith]], [[Guns and Roses]], [[The Greatful Dead]], [[Clay Aiken]], [[Bette Midler]], [[Alison Krauss]], [[Seal]], [[Dixie Chicks]], [[Hinder]], [[Taylor Swift]], [[Ludo]], [[David Bowie]], [[Eisenfunk]], [[Qntal]], [[The Strokes]], [[Shakira]], [[Shania Twain]], [[Sheryl Crow]], [[My Chemical Romance]], [[Garbage]], [[Miley Cyrus]], [[The Cruxshadows]], [[The Cranberries]], [[Elvis Presley]], [[The Beach Boys]], [[Buddy Holly]], [[Ritchie Valens]], [[The Police]], [[The Killers]], [[4 Non Blondes]], [[Jefferson Airplane]], [[Grendel]], [[Urn]], [[Prince]], [[Michael Jackson]], [[Hanson]], [[Jackie Evancho]], [[Prince Poppycock]], [[Gregorian Chants]], [[Shawn Colvin]], [[Queen]]
Favorite Movies & TV Shows
Fave Movies: All Disney(old and new), [[13 Ghosts]], [[The Sixth Sense]], [[Virgin Suicides]], [[Schindler's List]], [[Dirty Dancing]], [[Ghost]], [[Gone With The Wind]], [[Black Swan]], [[RENT]], [[The Sound of Music]], [[Willow]], [[Resident Evil]](ALL), [[Superman]](ALL), [[Batman]](ALL), [[X-Men]](ALL), [[The Matrix]](ALL), [[The Craft]], [[Rose Red]], [[2012]], [[Armegeddan]], [[Deep Impact]], [[Harry Potter]](ALL), [[The Lord of the Rings]](ALL), [[Zombieland]], [[Shaun of the Dead]], [[The Passion of the Christ]], [[Dracula]], [[Interview With The Vampire]], [[Queen of the Damned]], [[Braveheart]], [[Dragonheart]], [[Stargate]], [[Starwars]](4-6), [[Cruel Intentions]], [[Chocolat]], [[The Crow]], [[Edward Scissorhands]], [[Pirates]](ALL), [[Little Women]], [[Boys Don't Cry]], [[Sweeney Todd]], [[Rocky Horror Picture Show]], [[Repo: The Genetic Opera]], [[Phantom of the Opera]], [[Ever After]],[[A Walk To Remember]]
Fave Shows: [[M*A*S*H]], [[Ghost Whisperer]], [[Glee]], [[True Blood]], and [[Law and Order SVU]],[[Star Trek: TNG]]

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At 2:13am on April 27, 2012, Mike lee said…
HiI m 31years old single menWould u like to chat with me ? 
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hello how are you nice pics

At 11:40pm on November 20, 2011, Big Show said…

hi there!

At 2:35am on November 13, 2011, william baker said…

hello how are you you look nice in your pics

At 6:25pm on November 8, 2011, im a guy so HA said…

love how sexy you are :D

At 9:41pm on September 30, 2011, venusinfurs said…

weird.  i was just looking at your profile.  synchronicity!


At 1:44pm on September 26, 2011, thegman said…
Hey sex

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