my BOYFRIEND keeps calling me a fat ass!!! I'm so hurt

We are in love. One day he just called me fat ass, fat ass bitch, and that I need to go on Jenny Craig. He said it in the meanest most nasty way possible. All of a sudden I saw grey and it literally stared raining. I took my flip flops off and started walking really fast to my home which he stay with me and my family. We we were walking with my little 8 years old cousin and our new puppy that we had bought together. Well almost 1 month later (a few minutes ago), he just stats flipping out on me because our other puppy pooped in the room and he calls me lazy and a fat ass bitch over and over. See I just took the dog out r whatever and they booth used the bathroom outside so long story short, him calling me a fat big lazy bitch just hurts me in the most horrible way besides cheating and hitting me. I'm just so heart broken and I feel ike I am no good but better than him at the same time. I couldn't even type the story how I wanted to tell it. and he left with my puppies, probably to meet this girl he uses to get cigarettes which I didnt know he planned to go anywhere....he just waits until I leave the room. UUGGGGHHHH

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thats soo wrong man. youll be allgoods dont worri too  much dont ever let a man try and tell you wat to do hes obviously got his own insecurities dnt think its ur faault. us big galss are doing quite okay without running commentary about losing weight. take care ull find someonee who will treat you right one day. and the joke will be on him. hahaaaaa =]

short and sweet break up with his ass and keep the puppies you are better than that! and its obvious that he doesn't love you pack his shit up and have it waiting for him when he gets back if he has the key change the damn locks... yes its just that simple!

You need to realize you deserve more than what your getting

You seriously say you're in love?

Open you eyes there, sweetheart. Someone who loves you would NOT talk to you that way. You need to make it very clear to him that those kinds of things are not acceptable for any reason no matter the excuse he wants to use. That is complete horse shit, my dear. This may be harsh, but it's reality. If you continue to let him treat and talk to you that way, and stay in a relationship with someone like that, they only person you will have to blame is the one that stares back at you in the mirror.

oh no!!!! Me being a big girl i think these things in the back of my head about myself all the time. For the man Im in love to say that. Nope deal breaker that is verbal abuse in my book. If it hurts that much it is that!!! In all my relationship they have never crossed that line. Because they never had a problem with this fat ass loving them. Something up girl. You should check him. Dont be in Love with someone who will call you out of your name like that...You a good looking chic. You deserve better!!! Love yourself enough to want better..Or you better check him quick!!!

I think it may be time to tell poor thing how many times you "faked" it, whether you did or not.  if he can call you that, get him where it hurts, in the dick department. 


I would... but then again i am a very mean and vindictive person at times... call me a fat ass, Im going for the kill.

Ok this is how i will say this...... You are far better than a man that treats you like that. no he may not hit you but mental abuse can easily be as bad as phsycal. And I know you feel that you love him but do you love him or is it that you have been with this man in you life so long u find the idea of not having him around heart breaking. He is in yours and your familys home. And if he loved u the way he must say he dose he would respect you and never degrade you. And the fact that he sneaks out on you is huge. The truth is that, That alone can be a sign of guilty contious and expecialy if all of the suden he has pesonality changes and starts freakin on you, alot of the time thats to make u feel worse and feel like you cant get better... BUT YOU CAN!!! So truly my advice tou you would be To lay it all out! tell him that you refuse to be treated like your less beacuse truly if he loves you he wouldnt be sneeking around behind your back calling you nasty names instead he should be bringing you with him and treating you like his pride and joy and be willing truly willing to pack his shit and get him out beacuse if you dont take it serious he wont and  it dont matter if he dont have his own place dont let him guilt you into keeping him without proof he will change, he can stay werever he is sneeking off to... And yes losing him will hurt just as loosing any relationship dose  but in the end you will feel better and will find somone to treat you the way you deserve to be treated intead of hurting you .....

I truly hope you realize nomatter what you look like or how you are there will always be somone to love you the way you deserve to be loved.....

I hope for the best

<3 True

   Sorry to say, but WAKE UP! He's showing his true colors. He's had you blinded this whole time but it looks like things are going to keep getting worse.

   I know you love him but you need to get ASAP.

Imagine being such a loser that you have to use girls to get cigarettes! Buy your own!


Anyways dump him, you can do better.

Ugh honey, don't be one of those girls who would make excuses to stay with an asshole. You find out as you get older that you absolutely don't have to put up with shit from ANYONE, but especially from a man who claims he "loves" you. Take some time to really reflect on the relationship and what you want out of life in general. I'm sure it doesn't include being verbally and emotionally abused (and yes this IS abuse). If you put up with this now, it opens the door for him to abuse you in other ways, physical included. Please please know your worth beautiful girl and GET OUT NOW! 

ps. Take those cute puppies with you!

First time = shame on him.  Second time = shame on you.  He will only treat you as bad as you let him!!!
you're pretty, and you deserve to be with someone who cherishe's you. Someone who doesn't mentally, emotionally and physically abuse you. Kick him out of your house and tell him you found someone better.



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