Not me in particular. I have been reading this sentence all over the Internet and every time I become confused. When one claims to hate America is it the original Americans which would be native Americans and mexicans, or the 13 British colonies that fought for their independence against British rule, or is it all the immigrants from every nation that decied to move over here including the one who made the remark nation?

And when I mention where this remark takes place it's never politics or medical and education argument forms it's usually a pic of a over weight person -_-

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It's usually dummies that don't know any better and think they know who we are.

Everyone hates Americans its what unites the world :)

Hatred of a nation is just as terrible as any other hate based on stereotypes and generalizations. Its rooted in ignorance and self-righteousness.

Maybe everyone hates Americans because everyone's slowly becoming American. So far the countries I have traveled to or have had the pleasure to meet people out of the U.S mentioned big corporate American companies establish in their country, American popularity ( music, tv, movies, etc) and their gov or parliament taking U.S ideals.

Any thoughts on this theory?

hating the americans as people? or hating the americans as government ? if as people maybe because its his way of saying how different are the cultures of nations,cultures wich he does not understand,and doesnt wish to understand them 

To be totally honest, people hate what has been one in the past by America. Politically mostly. My family lives in the USA, but we're a bunch of immigrants too. We came from Guyana and the US stomped all over that country as well. Not that there was anything we could do about it. So even though we live in the US, we hate what has been done, like stomping all over the sovereignty of other countries, doing unsafe medical testing in 'third world' countries (such as the one i came from), denying anything bad. You know, basically committing acts that are good for the US but bad for others. Sure the US isn't as bad as the British empire or others were, but Agent Orange and forced sterilizations have given some people a pretty good reason to hate the American government.

thank u for confirming me bella. hate for the american government is  not the same as the hate for american people. 

Yeah, but hating your government is one thing, hating another country's government is another. How much does one actually know about other governments? Unless you actually studied international politics or a related subject, not much. But even a teenager in the horn of Africa can tell you who won the last American election an who's running now. Part of that is because the next president could very well act the fool an start a war that will affect them. No one worries about Canada doing that kind of crap, it takes a special group of self centered morons to do that. The people that make up the U.S government. I really think there should be term limits in the House and Senate.

how about, > dont like the american government < that sound better? lol. u have the right to an opinion. and ,since when hate its extreme? and also, u want a loving government? try luxembourg. from what i know, it has no beggars,there are more cars than people, and has the highest wages in the world. possible for things to change, but i have this information for about 5years now 

Isn't that the place that Kim Jong-Un uses as a tax  haven?

u dont need politics to know wich people, of wich country, are happier than the others Bella.

Just because one has a high standard of living doesn't mean they're happy either. A lot of countries with a high standard of living also have higher suicide rates, high rate of depression, or just reports of apathy.


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