I have been single for way to long. I can't seem to find anyone around my age with anything in common with me that I'm attracted to.
I know that I'm sexually fustrated , but I can't have sex with a guy without being
Emotionally  involved with him. (I tryed b4 & I could not do iit).
Ladies are u like that 2???? If not I would lov to know how u disconnect
Guys do u need some kind of connection to get it in With a chick?
Ooooo ps good guys if your close to San Diego , ladies u know good guy in san Diego 
Hook a chickie. Uppp

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   I just think some people can have sex without emotions and some cannot. I don't think it's like a skill you can acquire. Although...hell, maybe it is.

   I've had trouble with the opposite. I've always felt like I date like a man, "Come please me, and then get the fuuuudge out of my house." Hahah I would always tells guys, "Nope. Sorry, no sleepovers. I don't like to share my bed" or the old "Sorry but I'm really tired, and I have to be somewhere early in the AM." Hahah hahahaha ha *sigh*

   But I'm not looking for that anymore, now I'm past that stage and trying to find someone to be with long term. It's definitely TOUGH! It's so much easier to just bone someone when you need it (and I may or may not have a friend on call for those tough days) but it's definitely more rewarding when emotion is involved.

I'm the same need the emotional. Until then there's the rabbit. 

I couldnt even get aroused by someone I didnt have feelings for and I wouldnt want it any other way. Like Shoes said..rabbit or dolphin or whatever animal they are attaching to dildos these days.

What about vegetables?

OMG those would sel like hotcakes here in the Midwest!

   You mean, they'd sell like corn cakes.

 Once upon a time, I had sex with men I had no feelings for other than.."they were great in the sack."

It was a time in my life where I didn't want that emotional bond or commitment to a person, but I wanted sex. I was totally able to have sex without feeling emotional attachment. ( I think it was a side-effect of a failed first marriage. )

My motto was "Wham, bam thank you...sir." ( Haha )

That time in my life is over, and I'm very happily married to my second ( and last ) husband. I am more than happy to be with only one man and to have a very deep and special bond with him.

For me, a lady has to have a certain level of personality and intelligence for me to be attracted to them, even just for sex.

There'd have to be an emotional connection for it to work for me. I could never just be casual with my body.


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