Hi my name is Ross , im writing about being on this site and as a man what i want on this site,Now I know there's alot of women on this site.I came on this site thinking that i would meet a deacent cool BBW to chat with i wasn't like some men on here looking for pardon my french a fuck buddy im just a man who just want's a woman to chat with and yes that really is all im looking for because i know that is all i can expect unless by some miracle there is a decent woman on here looking for a good man.Sure i love sex as much the next guy but i don't like it with someone that i haven't at least gotten to know.I came on here thinking i would find that instead i got something like my space where people add you and they dont care afterwords i don't mind adding woman it would just be nice i could at least talk with one im not desperate just getting older and wanting to get more friends or maybe talk to that someone maybe im being unrealistic but i have rambled on enough so if any woman is reading this and is intrested in a decent guy then im here.

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I agree with you and usually I don't just add every man that request to be added. If you leave a few comments on my page and I respond back, then you will be added, but at least make an attempt to know me first. Thats why I filled out my profile with my likes and dislikes....if we don't have anything in common, don't request friendship....why.....I frind it real hard to chat with someone I don't have anything in common with. I saw a picture of a man on here the other day, went to his profile, and realized we have NOTHING in common, so I left...lol



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